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April 3, 2018


We are over the moon to announce our next set of speakers for Spark the Change Toronto! Let’s get to it!



Dave Gray, Co-founder of Xplane and author of Gamestorming, and The Connected Company

In 1993 He founded XPLANE, the visual thinking company, to help people develop shared understanding, so they can make better, faster decisions, and work better together to create more lasting, sustainable impact.

He has written three books on design, change and innovation.


Sandeep Aujla, Change Strategist and Speaker

Sandeep is a change strategist and speaker. She partners with leaders responsible for creating impactful changes in their organizations. Sandeep supports organizational change management through provision of consultations to change teams, keynotes at large-scale change events, and change capabilities’ training to leads across organizational levels. Sandeep also works one-on-one with individuals leading organizational or personal changes.

Tracey Peever, Facilitator, Coach and Tango Instructor!

Tracey grew curious about organizational structures, rapid adaptation & partnered collaboration processes after working for 13 years in the rapidly-changing field of digital marketing and communications. She has acted as a Project Manager, Account Manager & Content Manager in fast-paced, project-based, continuously adaptive technical teams.

There are 16 Leap of Faith tickets left, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!
Check out the program details we’ve released so far, as well as details about the venue.  We will be announcing our next set of speakers next week!

As crazy as it might sound, we’re already 30% sold out, and you know we always put on a fantastic event so if you want to attend, grab a spot soon! While most conferences are worried about being bigger, we’re intentionally staying small and intimate.Only 108 tickets are available this year and we are going to focus topics on creating a more humane workplace.

We’ll be announcing pieces of the program over the coming weeks, so reserve a spot today!


Jason on behalf of the Spark Organizing Crew