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Together We Know!

An intimate event designed to help you get unstuck

I went in very weary, if not a tad skeptical, yet open with nothing to lose. W.O.W. In 12mins I got a load of ideas, ones that I did not even expect. And get this: From complete strangers who were willing to help. Incredible. The openness. The raw honesty. The vulnerability. All paired with a forward thinking solutions driven approach. No BS beating around the bush or mulling over the seemingly mountain of an issue. Most effective and efficient 1.5hrs for a while!!! Love the approach. Love the idea. So much gratitude. Thank you.

Veda Sayakoummane

Attended in January 2021

Are you Stuck?

We all get stuck from time to time. That might mean we’re between careers, we’re stuck with a hard problem at work, or we just don’t know what we don’t know.

This event is brought to by the brains behind Spark the Change and its designed to help you get to action that will get you unstuck.

How it works

  • You bring a challenge
  • The coach and attendees help you with your challenge
  • We gather insights, generate options, and you create an experiment
  • We checkin with you two weeks later to see how it went



Attendees per event

Upcoming Events

$63 CAD registration fee

Where does the money go? We pay our coaches. Our hosts are doing this for free and any money left over is put into our marketing budget, or, if these sessions expand, proceeeds will be donated.