Spark the Change Toronto

2 days, 13 speakers, AMAZING coffee and food and no more than 100 people to keep things nice and intimate. Oh, and we’re at the coolest venue on earth, the Ontario Science Centre! This is the 5th annual Spark the Change Toronto, an experience dedicated to helping you build a resilient organization.

This year’s theme is Nudging Change Forward so if you’re looking to make long-lasting change in your organization, register today

Save $50 by registering before May 17!

June 13 - 14, 2019 at the Ontario Science Centre

36 tickets remain, register today!


We have a history of inviting a wonderful mix of high-energy, and engaging speakers that bring a diverse perspective on how to build a resilient organization.


Spark is a one-stage, one-track experience that is designed to give you takeaways you can use right away in your organization. No fluff, no selling, just great conversations.


Beige conference rooms are SOOO boring. We’re at the Ontario Science Centre, an amazing venue that allow you to stretch out physically and mentally.

 What Is Spark the Change?

Spark the Change is an event for people who want to change the way we work together in organizations. The intent is for ideas from all change-oriented disciplines to collide and Spark new approaches and action. This year, our focus is: Nudging Change Forward. We’ll explore options for better moving the needle on meaningful change.

Normally advocates for change focus on a single discipline and ultimately fail to make lasting change. Spark the Change shows you how to avoid the traps and overcome obstacles by leveraging the whole organisation. Trying to introduce change can be a frustrating and lonely pursuit. At Spark you can talk to others who are working for change. Learn from the experiments of leading-edge companies. Hear inspiring examples and practical advice for taking action and overcoming obstacles. Develop skills and plans. And return to work ready to make change happen.