Spark the Change 2018

June 7 - 8, Ontario Science Centre
This is the 4th annual Spark the Change Toronto, while we pull together another year of fantastic speakers, grab your Leap of Faith ticket early to not only save, but so you don’t miss out as there are only 108 tickets available!
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Want to Speak at Spark Toronto?

Dazzle us with your awesome ideas! Your tools and tips to help people succeed! Your catchy limericks and jokes!

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That’s another conference….

 What Is Spark the Change?

Spark the Change is an event for people who want to change the way we work together in organizations. The intent is for ideas from all change-oriented disciplines to collide and Spark new approaches and action. This year, our focus is: Constructive Connection – Building a Resilient Organization through Networking. We’ll explore options for better interactions in and for organizations.

Normally advocates for change focus on a single discipline and ultimately fail to make lasting change. Spark the Change shows you how to avoid the traps and overcome obstacles by leveraging the whole organisation. Trying to introduce change can be a frustrating and lonely pursuit. At Spark you can talk to others who are working for change. Learn from the experiments of leading-edge companies. Hear inspiring examples and practical advice for taking action and overcoming obstacles. Develop skills and plans. And return to work ready to make change happen. 

In our increasingly volatile and ambiguous world, encouraging the best from employees is more important than ever. Spark is devoted to making your organisation a dynamic, happy place to work – from delivering fast innovation to growing high-performing teams through inspiring leadership. This is the fourth year for Spark the Change in Canada. It started when a group of colleagues wanted a way to link people working for organizational change in different parts of the workplace. Now it’s an international movement, with 2018 Spark events in London, the Netherlands, India, Australia and Montreal, as well as Toronto.

Our founding themes were, and remain:


  • Organizing the Organization
  • Unleashing People
  • Disruption and Change

What makes Spark the Change different?

It’s an intimate conference – we keep it deliberately small, so people have a chance to interact and learn. We don’t accept sponsorships – so the ideas are independent of commercial interests.

Our speakers are practitioners – they’re out in the world, working on the same things we all are. We bring together leaders from many industries and all parts of the business, with one mission only: to work together to create a better world at work. We aim to inspire you, and help you develop the skills you need to make a lasting mark, and undergo a positive change; to discover, observe, and network. 

Who is Spark For?

All leaders, managers, change agents, coaches and consultants across the organization in various domains and functions;

  • Who focus on improving the whole and not just a single part of the organization
  • Who want to enhance their change tool-kits by learning from different industry experts
  • Who are in the middle of a constantly evolving reality
  • Who want to learn from change practitioners in different industries and different functions within the same industry
  • Who want to be part of this high-energy global movement for change 

How do I get my boss to send me?


You want to come to Spark the Change. You know your organization will benefit from it, but how can you convince your boss to send you? Here are some ideas that might help you have that conversation:

Boss: Spark eh? What would our company get out of it?


I’ll hear speakers from diverse fields, like organizational development, change management and agile practices.

I’ll have conversations with people who are also passionate about organizational excellence. The sessions will give me proven, repeatable techniques for change.

I promise to take a bunch of notes! I will bring those ideas back and share them with others. I’ll learn about making daily improvements in the way we work. I’ll come back to work a way more skilled and valuable professional.

Most importantly I’m going to be learning by doing. All of the sessions have been designed to give me concrete practices I can use right away!

Boss: That sounds good, what else?

You: Oh, there is a Spark Award as well. Once I come back and use these ideas to improve our company I might win my registration back! It’ll give us some free promotion as well… It’ll show how progressive we are and how we care for our people and support them learning new techniques and skills!

Boss: Wow, you totally have to go. Take your team with you. I’ll come too! Here’s a huge budget for all your expenses. And a promotion for being so smart. High five!