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Together We Know!

I don’t know what I don’t know, but together we know! We postponed Spark the Change in 2020 before the pandemic because after 5 years of selling it out, we knew it needed to change, but we didn’t know how.


Sarika Kharbanda organized Spark the Change India, and Jason organized Spark the Change Toronto. Both started with them saying, “I wonder what would happen if…?”

That’s how this event started, we wanted to do a different type of event designed to help you get unstuck either with something you want to do with your life, or a problem at work and just about everything in between.


There are two experimental events limited to 25 people each. You can check out the full details at either of the links below.

AUS/NZ Friendly Time - Jan 27, 9pm ESTNA/EUR Friendly Time - Jan 28, 9am EST