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Spark the Change Toronto 2020

Next year, we’re going deeper. Our emerging theme is Deep Change – how can we, as change agents, make a more meaningful impact in life through helping people in organizations love what they do again. Check out our ideas for Spark 2020 below and then let us know what you think with our 3 question survey.



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Theme and Possible Format

Spark 2020 Theme: Deep Change – How can we make a more meaningful impact in life? If people enjoy their work more, they’re going home happier. The interactions with their family and friends are deeper and more meaningful. This year, we’re making a radical shift towards deeper topics because honestly, we’re tired of getting pitched “here’s my 5 step, trademarked process to ensure successful business results that optimize ROI to maximum the ensurement of business deliverables!”

  • Theme: Deep Change – how can we focus on making a meaningful impact in life by bringing our whole selves to work
  • Duration: 1-day, with a possible evening party
  • Format (these are ideas being considered):
    • 2 bookend speakers (opener and closer)
    • in-between, open space, lean coffees, and interactive sessions either attendee driven or with hosts
    • separate experiences across 4 time-slots with time in-between for the whole group to come back together and cross-debrief
    • morning marketplace where attendees can connect with session hosts and ask questions to decide which ones to go to
  • Venue: we LOVE the science centre, but we may move somewhere close to a GO stop or Subway that is wicked funky and inspiring
  • Date: Probably June 14-ish
  • Sponsors: As usually, there are none, it’s all self-funded and our goal is always break even.

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