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Recent Announcements

Dave Gray, Co-founder Xplane, Author of Gamestorming and The Connected Company

Shift your culture into innovation mode with visual thinking

Alan Kay, who invented the notebook computer, famously said, “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” From Leonardo Da Vinci to Ralph Waldo Edison, inventors, scientists and innovators have used visual thinking to imagine, design and create the world as we know it today. Learn how you can inject visual thinking to help shift your organization into innovation mod

Laura Goodrich – Innovator, Speaker, Author and TV Host!

Break the habit and learn how to innovate in the moment

Laura will demonstrate how routine and established patterns get in the way of solutions and innovation. This session is about breaking that routine and introducing a thinking process designed to help people come up with fresh ideas. Ideas that will enable people, teams and organizations to steer toward opportunities and away from threats, therefore…Driving Agility.

We believe that every great idea begins in the moment.

This interactive and experiential session will show there are many times in our day-to-day work, that we are confronted with a challenge, but we miss the opportunity. We either are blinded by the challenge or we label them as an obstacle and select a reaction from the archives. This space between the stimulus and the reaction is the moment. It is a moment that requires a new mindset. We can be either reactive or creative. How we react is determined by our perspective. Do we see this new world as one with opportunities, or endless obstacles? If we encounter change and are reactive, there will be a very high price to pay. If an individual can become aware of the moments in their work and see the opportunity in the moment, then we can drive agility, be adaptive, remain relevant and stay ahead of dynamic change.

Andrew Guy – Speaker, Author, Leadership Coach

Work Your Words: Finding Your Pathway To Personal Success

Discover how to build courage, dream bigger, live label-free, and find your area of “giftedness” to change your life now. Both failure and success are product of the mind; therefore, your limitations exist only by the way you think, and your world is created through the words you speak. Changing your thinking changes your words, and right-speaking changes your way of living. “YOU” have the power to change “YOUR LIFE.” No more excuses!

Lauren Waldman, Learning Pirate

Crushing Learning Cultures and Creating Learning Legacies

With the advancements in technology that have allowed us to deep dive into how the brain learns, the ways in which we develop, integrate and create organizational learning, is taking a massive shift. In this session, come along to experience the evolution in the ways that this Learning Pirate is taking training and development from a corporate culture to a legacy.

This talk will engage the curiosity of the audience as we journey through past adventures in learning to create a map for the legacies of the future. Leave pondering why a shift from learning cultures and activities to building in a legacy, just may be the journey you’re looking for.

Vikas Narula, Keyhubs

Your Network is Your Life – How your connections determine your brain physiology, your career trajectory, and the future of humanity.

Do you know what your network looks like? Do you know how to expand and broaden it in a way that will transform your life and career? This talk/workshop is for you. Understand the power of human networks, connection, and diverse perspectives. Leverage the principles and hands-on exercises in this presentation to help you understand your networks to grow, learn, and advance your career / organization.

Sarika Kharbanda

The Fishbowl of Perspective (Title subject to change!)

‘Change’ – whether in personal life or in the professional walk of life – can be looked at with different lenses. Every individual’s lens is different for a different context. Every individual’s roles are different too and that allows them to take decisions accordingly. This means perspective is quite important. And that is the only thing we sometimes have control over.

Every other day we juggle with different balls of data, process, logic, creativity, structure, emotion. So the question that comes to mind is – is there a right or wrong perspective in a specific context of change? Does a perspective really matter when it comes to change especially in today’s VUCA world?

With this very interactive session, I hope we can spark a change in ourselves by

  • Drawing on our hidden creativity and talent
  • Looking through varied perspectives with ‘Visual Change Karaoke’
  • Allowing our minds to dance to the complexity of change around us and
  • Learning to deal with such varied perspectives and ‘designing’ our way forward together

Sarika is the 2017 Spark Award winner as she attended Spark the Change Toronto by robot last year!

Ryan Burwell, 21 Toys

The Future of Work – Empathy, Failure, and Play at Work

Are you worried about the rise of robots and automation? Some jobs will be safer than others, and the skills that everyone will need can be seen in those jobs. If you’d like to learn more about why Empathy will be the #1 Job skill in 2020, why the way we respond to failure matters more than ever, and why playing at work is more than fun, come check out this talk by Ryan! Ryan will bookend an epic session on the value of empathy, failure and play at work. We will have 4 breakout sessions where attendees can try various hands-on exercises designed to help you move change forward in your organization. Then participants will have the opportunity to take the stage and show what they learned!

Tracey Peever

The Future is Open: Open Systems Thinking applied to organizational design and small task teams

As the world shifts away from hierarchies of the elite and unethical secretive silos toward transparent, circular models of governance, is the  public service ready to service a new world order? Better yet, are we capable of stewarding it? Open Systems thinking is a theory, a way of being, as well as a proven change process to help hierarchical organizations to re-design themselves and move toward cooperative and more equitable models of working, relating, leading and continuously learning together. “Control and predict” is a leadership and governance style that is quickly revealing its limitations, especially among technical teams developing complex, knowledge-based virtual solutions. We’ll explore the alternatives.

Stuart Oakley, Agile Coach and Emerging Speaker

Multiple Intelligence Theory in Agile Environments

Agile teams are always working to discover how they can work best together. By exploring Dr. Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence, we can discover new ways of understanding our teams. With this understanding, we can better adjust how we work to improve teams.

Sandeep Aujla

Create widespread change with minimal strategic effort. Surpass the tipping point by leveraging your key influencers

Leading multiple and often continuous change initiatives requires change leaders to resiliently manage their time and energy while creating widespread change that sticks in the organization. Change leaders can achieve that goal by strategically focusing their energy on a select few influencers. In doing so, leaders can help create compelling movements for change across organizational levels that are driven by the critical mass who were empowered to create change despite the cultural and financial limitations of the organization.

Spark ends at 4:00-ish

(we say ish, because people tend to stick around and chat after we officially wrap-up.)